There's so much to celebrate within our industry, but we're often clouded by the negative side. So we've decided to anoint our industry with it's own day - #DrivingInstructorDay 


Driving Instructor Day will be annually on the 16th March, with the first ever #DrivingInstructorDay being in 2022! 


But why the 16th of March I hear you cry. Well, that was the date of the first ever driving test to be passed,  way back in 1935. MrJ Beene was the lucky fellow. At the time it was voluntary and cost seven shillngs and sixpence - roughly £22 of today's money. So the 16th March seemed apt. 

What can you do on #DrivingInstructorDay? 

The first thing we'd suggest is taking the day off. No lessons, no tests, no theory training. That may not be possible if you already have students with tests that day, but you can make sure you have the rest of the day free. 

And then here's what we suggest:

  • Celebrate some of your successes on social media. (We'll be retweeting/sharing anything with the #DrivingInstructorDay)
  • Arrange a meet up with fellow instructors
  • Share some stories online of what it's like to be a driving instructor
  • Reflect on your achievements


Whatever you do, talk about it, bring some positive attention to the industry and try to smile! 

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